Andy grew up in small town Iowa, digging ditches with his dad at age 14.  He followed the typical ‘American Dream’ into a corporate job that sucked the life out of him.

After quickly realizing how important freedom is to him, he built and sold his first business at age 26 and then co-founded TheFoundation.com, a online mentoring program for entrepreneurs who want to start and scale software companies from scratch, as quickly as possible.Andy’s stupid human trick is uncovering what people’s unique gifts are giving them an outlet to express it in the world.

When he’s not working or traveling, you’ll find him living in Colorado, trying to suck less at snowboarding.


Ryan Paugh Co-Founder of The Young Entrepreneur Council

“Andy is one of the first entrepreneurs I invited to join the Youth Entrepreneur Council, our invitation-only nonprofit organization of the world’s most successful young entrepreneurs.

Andy’s impeccable knowledge of his craft and genuine personality makes him an ideal mentor for any up-and-coming entrepreneur.”

Case Studies

The Simple Copywriting Process I Used to DOUBLE Benny’s Sales Overnight… Without ‘Selling Out’ Or Using High Pressure Sales Tactics

Benny The Irish Polyglot
Creator of FluentInThreeMonths.com

My site gets 400,000+ unique visitors per month. So when hiring with a copywriter, it was important not to use questionable “psychological tricks” to convince people to buy something they wouldn’t need.

Andy totally understood this. Through a LOT of digging into the minds of my customers, we built a sales video and page that spoke directly to the desires of my prospects…

Because of this, my sales doubled overnight!! I live entirely off sales of this one product, so this is a significant income increase. And I didn’t have to ‘sell out’. In fact, the new page is much more pleasant, more sharable and answers real questions that potential buyers have in their minds.

My income doubled AND I can sleep easy at night without ugly red font, yellow highlighters and annoying arrows taking over my page. It was precisely what I was looking for. Thanks a million Andy!!

Jenny Quadrupled Her Coaching Rates, Made $10,000 in 23
Hours And Quit Her Job At Google
(All Without Feeling Guilty About Her Fees…)

Jenny Blake
Coach, Speaker and Author
of “Life After College”

“Andy asked sharp, pointed questions to help me articulate my story and how I wanted to impact people, then he took notes so that I could communicate in a way that was clear, compelling and authentic.

Thanks to Andy’s guidance, I sold out my first information product and made over $10K in less than 24-hours. Andy is a “Brilliant” copy-writer and coach who studies this stuff for fun — I cannot recommend him highl enough.

I would GLADLY pay him much more than his fee given how helpful he was — I literally could not have done this without him, and it would have been futile to try.”

How Amber Rae Made $27,500 Over Nine Months
Starting With A Tumblr Blog and One Post That Took 45
Minutes To Write

Amber Rae
CEO of Hey Amber Rae

“Andy took the purpose I feel in my heart and put it into words. He created copy that spoke to the souls of my prospects, and now I have a waiting list of clients who are waiting (and excited!) to pay premium prices to work with me.

When he taught me about premium pricing, I went from a Tumblr blog with no clients to having three clients paying me $1250/month each… all within four weeks. Since then, I’ve made over $25,000 from that one page on my blog.

If you’re creating content designed to bring purpose and meaning to the world, hire Andy. He has the marketing insight and strategies to share your gifts with the world in an honest, sincere, authentic way. He is the ultimate marketing coach for coaches, and he’ll let you incredible results.”

Sean Ogle Founder of Location180.com

“Andy is a sales, copywriting and business strategy genius. Few people have impacted me more both personally and professionally in the past years.

His help and guidance has directly translated into over $50,000 in revenue for one of my businesses in the last 10 months, with nothing but growth in the future.

You want to set your business on fire? Get Andy on your side asap.”

Work With Andy

Are you ready to take your business to the next level? If so, you *might* want to fill the form out below.

But first, a warning…

I do NOT work with people who:
- Care only about making money instead of a serving a higher purpose
- Sell products they don’t believe in (or don’t use themselves)
- Are in any way trying to ‘game the system’ or ‘find the loop holes’ to get rich quick

If you fall into any of those categories, don’t waste your time with the form. I will not work with you. No exceptions.

On the other hand… if you care DEEPLY about impacting the world, sharing your greatest gifts with others and building a business that matters…

There is a good chance I can amplify your impact (and income) in the world.

Bonus points if you have:
- Discovered your voice and are a thought leader in your field… but you don’t know where to go next
- Built an existing audience that loves you… but you don’t know how to create a revenue stream from them
- Created a product that is selling… but are unhappy with how many people are buying it

I love working with peak performers, thought leaders and entrepreneurs who are deeply passionate about their message, their gifts and their impact.

I have my own business to run, so I only work with a couple people at a time and I am VERY selective with who those people are…

If you think you’d be a good fit, fill out the form below.

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