Hi.  I’m Andy.

And this is my personal blog…

…which means I’m gonna get a little weird with you…

 Here you’ll find my musings on building businesses to experimenting with my own mind to love and heartbreak and everything else in between.

  If this is your first time here, there are a few beliefs I hold close to my heart that you should know about before you keep reading…

I believe everyone has a unique genius to give the world.  And the key to living a life of happiness and abundance is to discover that genius and align your life with it.

You have a genius living inside of you.  It’s something that uniquely defines you and how you show up in the world.  It cannot be replace and it cannot be replicated by anyone else.

When you discover your genius, you’re able to begin to build your life around it.  And that makes life really, really fun.

My mission is to wake people up to this genius and the infinite potential and power that lies within them.

(If you haven’t yet, download the free training I give my staff and friends to help to them discover exactly what their genius is and how begin building a life around it.)

I believe business can change the world.  I believe entrepreneurs are the new superheroes.

When I look around me, everything I see was built by an entrepreneur.  My computer.  The desk it’s sitting on.  The whiteboard in front of it.  The mic for my podcast.  My journal.

Each company was started by an entrepreneur.  A lonely soul with an idea.  Someone who started with a vision for the world.

Learning to become an entrepreneur is equivalent to learning how to create whatever you want in the world.  It’s not about a fancy lifestyle or living a life of freedom, although those aspects are nice.

The ultimate beauty in business is learning to become the type of human who knows how to bring their visions to life.  Entrepreneurship is about shifting your identity so you can become that type of person.

That is why we built The Foundation.

I believe Steve Jobs got it right when he said, “You have to care.”

You have to care. You have to care about the people in your life. You have to care about your customers. You have to care about leaving your little dent in the world. Period.

These are the four values that guide my life:


I have a deep trust in Source or God or The Universe or Spirit or whatever high power you want to label it as.  I try to live my life in alignment with what that greater power or version of me i scaling me to do.  I constantly find myself tapping into this Spirit to guide me.


Call me old fashioned, but I believe in love.  I believe love is all we have.  I believe love is the glue that allows us to help one another.  I believe in partnership.  That 1+1 truly equals 10 when the partnership is rooted in growth and love and commitment.


At some point in my early twenties, I stopped running from experiences that made me stretch or grow and I started leaning into them.  This has led me to invest over $100,000 in conferences, coaching and experiences that have chiseled me into a more powerful, more capable human.  From taking sacred plant medicine in the heart of Peru to going to the desert with 68,000 other people for Burning Man, to joining high level masterminds that pushed all my edges of comfort.  As a mentor Bryan Franklin told me, “If you’re not a little ashamed or embarrassed about who you were three months ago, you’re not growing fast enough.”


Everything I do, i do it with fun.  With energy.  With passion and excitement.

I grew up in a town of 600 people in Iowa and at my core I’m a down-to-earth, simply guy who’s constantly striving to change the world.

You have to care about your customers.  You have to care about the impact you’re making.  You have to care about how you show up in the world.

The “Official” Bio

Andy started digging ditches with his father at age 14, working construction in a small town in Iowa…learning to value hard work and education early in life.

With lots of trial and error, he built and sold his first company at age 26. Realizing entrepreneurship has the power to change the world, Andy co-founded The Foundation with Dane Maxwell in 2012.

The Foundation teaches entrepreneurs how to start and scale software businesses from scratch, even if they have no experience in software.

The Foundation is a global entrepreneurial education company that has helped entrepreneurs from over 45 countries start businesses from nothing by focusing on the deep inner game of entrepreneurship.

Andy believes the world is a better place with more entrepreneurs in it, and he envisions a world where anyone who wants to start a business, has access to the right tools, resources, and community support to do so.