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Hi. I’m Andy.
I help entrepreneurs and influencers amplify their impact on the world.

And if we’re going to be friends, you should know the ‘real’ me.  (Not just the ‘happy-go-lucky’ character you sometimes see in Facebook posts.)

But the real story about what it takes to go from a farm kid in Iowa with no connections, no skills and no education, destined to ‘dig ditches’ for the rest of his life…

To becoming an entrepreneur who’s sold millions of dollars of products, who has traveled the world, and who’s built a life that I (on most days) love deeply.

While it sounds like a dream, as you’re about to see, not all the life lessons are pretty.

But before I share that story, let’s talk about why this site matters for YOU

“Follow ‘common knowledge,’ and you will get ‘common results’.

(And by ‘common results,’ I mean you’ll be broke, overweight and unhappy.)

If you want extraordinary results, you must seek ‘Uncommon Knowledge’…”

A mentor told me that when I was 20.

That was the moment I stopped following ‘common knowledge’ and started searching for ‘Uncommon Knowledge.’

That desire has led me on quest around the world, working with spiritual masters to some of the best entrepreneurs in the world, to learn unconventional truths about living a life of freedom.

I created this site to share that ‘Uncommon Knowledge’ with others who are searching for it.

I write for the people who, like me, believe…

If You Want Extraordinary Results,
You Must Take Extraordinary Actions.

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The Beginning: The Greatest Lesson I Ever Learned From Digging A Ditch In A Cornfield In Iowa

This all started when I was 14, when I started my first ‘real’ job doing construction with my dad.

On the first day he pulled me aside, handed me a shovel and, with a tired, stern face, he said, “Son – I’m going to teach you how to use this shovel so you learn you don’t want to spend the rest of your life doing this for a living.”

I worked 80 hour weeks that summer, in the blistering heat, shoveling dirt all day long.   It was awful.

To this day, that was the best lesson I ever got. Why?

Because I learned that “education” is what could save me from being stuck in Iowa, doing manual labor the rest of my life…

I immediately became obsessed with learning. (Thanks dad.)

But there was a problem…

Before Understanding “Uncommon Knowledge,” I Followed The “Traditional Path” And Ended Up $85,000 In Debt

I got good grades… got into a good school… (racked up $85,000+ in student loans)… and got a great job out of college…

It was the ‘perfect job’ from the outside looking in. I was one of four graduates recruited for a “Leadership Development Program” at a Fortune 250 company.  It was a prestigious position where I experienced four different jobs in three years, being mentored by high level executives and groomed to be a future leader of the company.

I should have been happy… And some days I was.

But most days, I felt like my soul was being sucked away from me.

I knew there was more to life than being surrounded by dull, monotonous work that had no meaning in the world and climbing the corporate ladder for something I *might* accomplish in 40 years.

So I set out on a mission to build a business that freed me from the shackles of corporate America.

Three years later, I succeeded. I built a ‘4 Hour Work Week’ business making $100K+/year while my VA ran it.   I thought I was free…

I moved to Colorado follow a dream of spending a winter on the slopes, learning how to snowboard.

But then I learned another truth the hard way…

Just like that “great job” looked nice from the outside looking in, owning a “4 Hour Work Week” business was also a False God.

I felt lonely on the mountains. (Hanging out with stoners is only fun for a short while.)

The business felt empty and meaningless because it selfishly focused on me versus making an impact.

Shortly after realizing that, I sold the business and launched The Foundation with Dane Maxwell, a business we both care deeply about impacting the world with.

Within 24 months, we scaled that to a multi-million dollar business that has helped 1500 people from 40+ countries and we haven’t looked back since.

That quest had lots of highs. Lots of lows. And many, many lessons…

I’ve had the pleasure of sharing the stage with business mavens like Jack Canfield, Ariana Huffington, Lynne Twist, Tony Hsieh, and more.

I’ve traveled the world to work with some of the smartest coaches, spiritual teachers and entrepreneurs living today.

And I’m being featured in an upcoming documentary with Blake Mysoskie (TOMS shoes), John Mackey (Whole Foods) and Tom Chi (Google Glasses.)

But Here’s Why You Should Still Ignore Everything I Write Here

All in all, I believe life is a gift. And I try not to take that for granted.I love the different games we get to play here. And I do my best to step up to each challenge I get to face.

I’m writing this blog for you. And for me.

I write it to share the lessons from all the adventures and experiments I test in my life. What works and what doesn’t.

But don’t take any of it too seriously.

Because life is one big paradox.

There are multiple truths. Multiple perspectives on any given situation.

What I believe today, might change tomorrow based on my new experiences. And then it might change again later.

So don’t take my writing (or anyone else’s) as Truth.

It’s just one perspective.

Instead, use this site as fuel to make your own decisions and conclusions about life.

Because you are the author of your own story.

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If You Want Extraordinary Results,
You Must Take Extraordinary Actions.

(And if you join Illumination, my free weekly newsletter, that is exactly what you'll get.)

You’ll learn about a wide variety of unconventional truths to help you create a life you love.

But most importantly, you’ll gain more power and freedom to be you.

I hope I get to meet you soon.

Much love.

The Official Bio

Andy started digging ditches with his father at age 14, working construction in a small town in Iowa…learning to value hard work and education early in life.

With lots of trial and error, he built and sold his first company at age 26. Realizing entrepreneurship has the power to change the world, Andy co-founded The Foundation with Dane Maxwell in 2012.

The Foundation teaches entrepreneurs how to start and scale software businesses from scratch. The Foundation is a global entrepreneurial education company that has helped entrepreneurs from over 45 countries start businesses from nothing by focusing on the deep inner game of entrepreneurship.

Andy believes the world is a better place with more entrepreneurs in it, and he envisions a world where anyone who wants to start a business, has access to the right tools, resources, and community support to do so.


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