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The Internet Is Devolving

By Andy Drish

Ugh. This article wasn’t supposed to be demeaning. But the more I wrote, the more I feel a loss for humanity. And I really start pondering… “Are we fucked as a human race?”

After you read this, you might think so.

I just wanted to write about post about trends…

And it morphed into this.

So, if you can stomach the bleak reality that this is what the internet is devolving into… well, then you might find a couple strategies to leverage in your business.

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Naked Hippies, Leadership Lessons And The “Watermelon Vs Ice Cream” Experiment

By Andy Drish

Stargazer Ranch, Utah
Sunday  5:09 PM

“Give The People What They Want.”

I just finished attending Utah’s regional Burning Man event.  It was a spectacle saturated with hippies, artists and a strange nudist colony dubbed “The Care Bares.”

(Get it? Bares…)

Little did I expect this strange land to deliver one of my best lessons in marketing (and leadership…)


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Being 2nd On The Scene Of A Fatal Accident (For The 2nd Time)

By Andy Drish

Last week, Libby and I were second on the scene of a fatal car accident.

This is the fifth time in 2.5 years I’ve been 1st or 2nd on the scene of an accident or emergency.

The first was a motorcycle that flipped in front of me on the interstate.

Then a guy’s appendix burst while we were having lunch.

Then someone had a seizure at breakfast.

And most chillingly, in Thailand I came across a scooter accident where I watched someone take their last breaths of life.

I’ll spare you the details, but the accident was so intense, I passed out moments after I left the scene because I was in shock…

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Becoming Intimate With Poverty: What I Learned From Living In A Tent For Two Weeks

By Andy Drish

“I’m going to get Lyme’s disease.”

That’s all I could think about as I was laying in that hut above.

I was certain I’d wake up covered in spider bites, with ticks sucking the blood from my body. I knew that because I saw a gigantic spider, three ticks and lots of little bugs in the dirt as I was building my hut earlier in the day.

I hate spiders.

I was sleeping on a grass mat, surrounded by dried up leaves and pine needles I had scraped up from the ground. I had no sleeping bag. No blanket. No pillow.

Just me and the earth. And a hoard of bugs.

This was all part of an experiment I’ve been running this year to deprive myself from the daily luxuries of life.

I’ve spent two weeks this year away from everything, living in a tent in the woods. Eating oatmeal for breakfast. Stew for lunch and dinner. And stripping myself of all things ‘nice’ down to the bare essentials of living.


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How Disney Lied And Screwed Up A Whole Generation (And Why You Haven’t Found Your Passion Yet)

By Andy Drish

“And they lived happily ever after…” – Every Disney fairy tale ever made.

The Little Mermaid was released as a movie by Disney in 1989.  Spoiler alert if you haven’t seen the movie:  Ariel falls in love with a Prince.  She strikes a deal with Ursula (the Sea Witch) which gives Ariel three days to make The Prince fall in love with her and give her a ‘first kiss’ so she can stay human forever with him.

Ursuala sabotages her plans.  Ariel fails.  But the Prince eventually comes and saves the day, killing Ursula.  Then Ariel’s father gives her his blessing to be a human and live “happily ever after” as a human with the Prince.

But that’s not how the story was originally written.  Disney’s dirty little secret is… they changed the ending.


Well that’s another story…

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The Most Influential Book In Personal Development You’ve Never Heard Of

By Andy Drish

In 1923 Maxwell Maltz graduated with a doctorate in medicine from Columbia University.  He spent 30+ years helping people superficially overcome their deepest insecurities with plastic surgery.

He helped people change the shape of their nose.  Tighten the wrinkles in their forehead.  Trim the love handles around their belly.

You know, the important things in life.

Nobody expected Maxwell to write one of the most influential books in history on personal development… but he did.  To this day, most people have still never heard of this book even though it explains the root cause of all personal achievement (or lack thereof) in life.


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The Cold Hard Truth About Business: You Can “Make Cash” Or “Be Cool.” Choose One.

By Andy Drish

“There’s no motivation [to make these videos] when I can’t afford to buy my groceries.”

Rachel Whitehurt has a wildly popular youtube channel that has 176,000 subscribers and averages 30,000-50,000 views per video she posts.

Most people would imagine she’s “made it” online.

But she hasn’t.

Two months ago, she posted one final video before sadly announcing she was quitting her channel.

Why?  Because she had to update her resume to interview for a “real job” and wouldn’t have time to make Youtube videos any longer.

Even though she had 170,000 subscribers… she wasn’t making enough money to pay her bills.

And this is the sad story of so many people chasing ‘internet’ fame…

People who have unique gifts. Unique voices. Unique ideas.

But they never figure out how to turn them into a business.

If you want to create someone that impacts the world, there’s a decision you must make on day one in your business:

Do you want to be cool?  Or do you want to make cash?

Choose one. Because you cannot do both from the start.



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Case Study: How To Get Your Story Featured In Entrepreneur Magazine (With Proof And Examples)

By Andy Drish

In the January edition of Entrepreneur Magazine, there’s a story titled “Would You Open Your Books?” (p 20). That story was featured because I pitched the idea to the editor six months prior.

My first pitch to him failed. The second one got featured in the magazine. This article shares how I met the editor and why my second pitch got featured while the first flopped.

If you are an entrepreneur, a PR person, or a growth hacker looking to get the attention of press, this article explains what you need to know to get your story featured by more media outlets.

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How A Tantra Teacher Taught Me My Most Valuable Business Lesson

By Andy Drish

“Umm… so what will I actually be *doing* today?” I asked nervously.

That was my subtle attempt to ask, “Do we do anything sexual in this workshop… or not?”

I’d never been to a tantric “anything” before.  How was I supposed to know?

Yet, here I was, with seven other people packed into this tiny little bungalow on the beach in Thailand with no air conditioning.

Seven other… Tantra people? Tantrikas?

I don’t know what you call people who study tantra for a living.  But everyone else seemed comfortable cuddling and laying half naked together.

I was clearly out of place.

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The One Thing I’ve Been Putting Off For 7+ Years

By Andy Drish

“Who’s going to listen to what YOU have to say?” a fraternity friend asked me at the bar.

The way he emphasized the word “you” left me feeling incompetent.

I hated that question because I didn’t have an answer.

I didn’t tell him I often asked myself the same question…

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