The One Thing I’ve Been Putting Off For 7+ Years

By Andy Drish

“Who’s going to listen to what YOU have to say?” a fraternity friend asked me at the bar.

The way he emphasized the word “you” left me feeling incompetent.

I hated that question because I didn’t have an answer. I didn’t tell him I often asked myself the same question…

“Who *does* want to hear what I have to say?”

I didn’t know. I was 20 years old and I had just started a blog.  I was a terrible writer and I’d hadn’t written anything the public to read since 2nd grade.

But I kept at it anyway.  Then I got my answer…

Writing Led Me To My Dream Job

I landed a Leadership Position at a Fortune 250 company building their social media marketing campaigns.  All because of my blog.

I accepted the job in November and spent the next 8 months bartending, watching Star Wars marathons and traveling around Europe… while my college friends scrambled to get jobs.

Honestly?  I *liked* that they were struggling.  

I felt justified.  I worked my ass off during college and it paid off.  (As it should.)

The same friend, struggling to get hired, asked me for advice.

“Maybe you should have started a blog…” I replied, half joking.

He didn’t laugh.

Unfortunately, three years later, things weren’t so funny for me…

I was stuck in my corporate job, unhappy.   My ‘dream job’ left me feeling empty, shallow and hopeless… like I was sleepwalking through life.

I wanted to be free.  To travel to world.  To adventure.  To live.

Not to be stuck in cubicle hell surrounded by the living dead.

My little ‘hobby blog’ worked great to get me hired… but it wasn’t getting me any closer to my freedom.

So I gave up writing to start building businesses.  Giving up on passion to pursue money.

Ever since then, I’ve regretted it. This year, I actually felt how big the regret was…

Have You Ever Put Off Doing Something You Love? 

Take an improv class?  Do standup comedy?  Learn piano?  

Why, I wonder, is it sometimes so hard to do the things we love?

I’ve had some big wins and some epic failures in business over the years.

Regardless of where I was on the ‘entrepreneurial roller coaster,” in the back of my head, every year, I’d think to myself, “Maybe this is the year I’ll write more.”

Then I’d get caught up with the next idea, the next launch, the next promotion.

And another year would pass.

Now I’m 30 and I feel a deep sense of regret and sadness about not writing more.

How many stories were lost because I didn’t have the courage to write them?

How many lessons are only half baked in my mind because I haven’t taken time to crystalize my thoughts?

How many opportunities have I ‘missed’ by not writing more?

Ugh.    Sadness.

This year I have one commitment:  To have a love affair with writing.

To write 1,000 words per day, five days per week.  To feel that creative flow again.  To let that “spark” guide my life and see where it takes me.

Because of this new commitment, I have a two questions for you…

  – What would you LOVE for me to write about?     

  – What are the books you’ve read in 2-3 days because you couldn’t put them down?

I’d be *immensely* grateful if you shared your thoughts with me.

With love,

PS – I’m searching for a PR/Marketing/Editing go-getter.  If you’re young and ambitious, check this out.