OPPORTUNITY – For An Ambitious, Driven Young Entrepreneur Who Wants To Master PR and Marketing

By Andy Drish

If you’re an ambitious, driven entrepreneur who wants to master the world PR & Marketing while being mentored by a successful founder of a multi-million dollar business, you’re in the right place.

Keep reading to find out how to win this role…

I’m looking for one talented, hustling go-getter who wants to learn the world of PR & marketing.

I’m not talking about taking some class in a book. I’m talking about real world strategies and tactics to get featured in the top media online.

Your mission: Get a series of articles in front of as many eyeballs as possible.

Your resources: I’m going to hook you up with books, a PR course and some coaching advice with one of the top PR people in the world to guide you.

I’m also going to hook you up with all of my connections to media outlets to make it even easier.

But make no mistake… this is going to be challenging. It will require your creativity, focus, and discipline to get results.

My goal is to get my writing syndicated in as many publications as humanely possible during the next 6 months.

You can use social media, PR, bribes or any other (legal) ideas to get these stories featured across the web.

If you are successful, you’ll end up connected with editors at the top media outlets in the country and you’ll have an abundance of new opportunities with influential entrepreneurs waiting on your doorstep within 90-180 days. Guaranteed.

If you’re *really* successful, we may even consider starting a company together that helps founders and startups do this exact same style of marketing.

But lets not get ahead of ourselves.   First things first…

The Criteria For Getting The Role:
– Must have a track record of hustling in your past
– Must be solid at writing / editing
– Must have experience with social media, PR or marketing
– (Bonus points if you have any experience in the realm of direct response marketing/copywriting)
– Lastly – tell me why you want this? What are your career plans? Where do you see yourself going?

Your First Test:

Write me an email explaining who you are, what your track record is, why you want this role and why I should pick you out of the dozens of other applicants.

If you pass the first test, I’ll send you the second one within 48 hours.

Ready?  Go!