The Shortcut To Getting Out Of Your Own Way

By Andy Drish

The pros know they aren’t really ‘doing’ their craft.

They are simply getting out of the way for something Greater to come through…

Here’s a shortcut I’ve found to do that:

Right now, I’m doing a 30 day challenge to write 1,000 words per day. Each day I show up, no matter what, and I write.

Most of it is garbage. But after a while, some genius will usually emerge (on some days).

I’ve noticed this pattern when I do anything creative. The beginning is getting all the bad ideas and insights out of the way for the real goodness to come through.

But I’ve found a creative shortcut…

To get out of your own way, you must leave your mind and drop fully into your body.

Calm. Centered. Grounded.

When I slow everything down… breathe… and center myself, I find access to something much Greater.

I access a Source beyond me where I am no longer creating… I am simply being the vessel through which God is expressed.

This is where my best writing always comes from. But it can happen in writing, in conversation, or in any other form of creation.

And this is accessed through the Body, not the Mind.

Why do the most insightful ideas come at the end of a writing or brainstorming session?

Because the mind is exhausted. It’s finally given up ‘figuring out the answer’.

When the mind stops, the real messages can come through.