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Do You Want To Grow Your Business?


Well of course you want to grow your business.  I mean, c’mon…   Who doesn’t want to grow their business?

The REAL question is:  HOW do you do it?

There are so many options for growth.  So many ideas.  So many strategies.  So much to do…

And yet, so… little… time.

But what if there was a simple, proven formula for growth you could follow… Wouldn’t that be awesome to know?  

I know the path to scaling beyond seven figures because I’ve been there and done it already.

Checkout this screenshot:

$3M Year

Pretty friggin’ cool, right?  

That screenshot was after our second year in business.  We started from nothing and grew to millions of revenue within 24 months  It was my first company that ‘blew up’ and it was one of the most exciting periods of my life so far.

So, what was the secret to achieving such rapid growth?  

There isn’t an ‘easy button’, but I can tell you this…

How To Engineer Rapid Growth In Your Business

Rapid growth doesn’t happen by accident.  It is intelligently designed.  It is purposeful.  It is intentional.  And most of all, it’s repeatable.

Rapid growth starts by understanding one simple model.

I know it because of a few things:

1) It’s worked for me personally.

2) I’ve watched thousands of entrepreneurs go through The Foundation program and studied which ones achieved the biggest results in the shortest timeframe.

3) I’ve also interviewed hundreds of successful entrepreneurs who’ve bootstrapped companies from nothing to seven, eight and nine figures in revenue and mapped out the trends and patterns of highly successful entrepreneurs.    

I see it every time an entrepreneur ‘takes off’ in business and creates rapid results in a short period of time.

And the model starts here:

The Zone of Rapid Growth

The entrepreneurs who achieve rapid results live in this zone.  At the intersection of “strategies” and “alignment.”

What Happens When Entrepreneurs Live In “The Zone”

You probably remember how it feels…

It’s that place where you are deeply aligned with your purpose and path… AND you’ve got the most effective business strategies to back it up.

This is where results happen naturally.  And things seem to happen for you.

Now, to be clear, this isn’t some “woo-woo” positive thinking.

I’m not some hippy-dippy-new-ager from the woods (even though I’ve had my moments. :P)

I grew up on a farm in Iowa.  I’ve bootstrapped every business I’ve built.  All from nothing.

Results matter.  They always have.  And always will.

Here are a few results I’ve gotten by following this model in depth.  My companies have been featured all across the internet:

Featured Logos

I launched a podcast that hit #1 in iTunes and has been downloaded 3,000,000+ times.   (Inc even named it the #1 podcast for entrepreneurs.) 

#1 Business Podcast in iTunes

I launched an online conference that Entrepreneur.com rated as one of the “Top 10 Business Conferences” business owners should attend.

I’ve been featured in a documentary with business mavens like Jack Canfield, John Mackey, Tony Hsieh and more.

(Fast forward to 3:01 to see me rocking a suit. :) )

Think back on the times when you achieved the greatest results in your life…  

Weren’t you living in that ‘zone’, too?  

The Two Questions That Lead To Rapid Results In Your Business

If you want bigger results and to be making a bigger impact in your life, there are two questions that matter:

Those questions are: 1) What are you doing?  And 2) Who are you being?

What are you DOING?  This is the realm of action.  Progress.  Strategies. Tactics. Productivity.  Focus.  Everything in this realm can be measured.  Quantified.  Tracked.  

This realm assures you’re taking the smartest actions possible and tracking the results.

I’ve been a student this realm by the best business coaches I could find (like Dan Sullivan), going to countless conferences and studying the latest and greatest content for scaling businesses quickly.

Who are you BEING?  This is the realm of unseen.  The invisible.  This is how you ARE in the world.  What you’re unconsciously attracting (or repelling.)  How you show up in meetings with clients, staff, on stage, with prospects and more.  

This is how you are being, moment to moment, that affects everything and everyone around you.  Some refer to it as “the World of Woo.”  :)

I’ve went deep into this world by working with shamans in the jungles of Peru, studying the flow of energy with a ‘wizard’ in Bali, and spending 18 weekends of my life immersing myself in a mediation practice to help entrepreneurs see their blind spots.

You want rapid growth?  You must have both.

You can’t ONLY have strategies and tactics.  Because strategies and tactics come and go.

You can’t ONLY focus on alignment.  Because if you have poor strategies, nobody will find out about you.

You must focus on the intersection of the two worlds.

So why am I sharing all this?

When you combine the best of these two worlds, your business will take off.  Guaranteed.  

You’ll have the best strategies and tactics to achieve your goals.  And your presence and energy will be aligned with what you want to create.  

THAT is where magic happens.

So if this is intriguing to you and you want to grow fast this year, I’ve got an opportunity for you…

Want Me To Build A Strategy For You To Scale Your Business… For Free?

If you’re interested in scaling your business beyond seven figures this year in revenue, I’ve got one heck of an opportunity for you today…

In a moment, you’ll have the opportunity to apply for a free strategy session with me.

During that call, we’ll analyze what’s working in your business, what you’re struggling with and I’ll show you exactly how to scale your business, if I were running it.

We’ll talk specifically about the key strategies to shift that will unlock faster growth.

And we’ll explore the unconscious, invisible blind spots that might be affecting you day-to-day in your business.   (These invisible thought patterns and beliefs might be keeping you stuck at your current level.)

By the end of our call, you’ll have a roadmap to scale your business to your next revenue goal including the best strategies to implement and ideas for how you need to shift as a leader.

And I’ll do all of that for free.

At the end of the call, if you and I vibe together and you want help implementing the plan, I’ll give you details on how I can help you.

If it’s not a fit, you’ll walk away with a blueprint to scale your business.  For free.

Pretty sweet deal, right? 

If you’re interested, click the button below and fill out the short application to make sure we’re a good fit to hop on a call together.

Now before submitting your application, make sure to read this…

Read These “Ground Rules” Before Applying

Time is precious.  I won’t waste your time (or mine.)  So here are a couple ‘ground rules’ to make sure we’re on the same page.

Rule #1)  You must be at least at six figures in revenue (or be moving there fast.)  This isn’t for beginning entrepreneurs.  (If you’re just starting a business, checkout The Foundation.  I spent 5 years building that specifically to help entrepreneurs start from nothing.)

This high level mentoring is designed for people who’ve already achieve a level of success in their life and business.  

Rule #2)  You must open to making significant changes (in yourself and your business.)  Often unlocking rapid growth requires re-thinking your current ways of working.  This might mean shifting your entire business model.  

“If you do what you’ve always done and you’ll get what you’ve always got,” am-i-rite?

I helped one entrepreneur go from making $12K/month to $40K/month in only four months.  That’s $150K/year to $450K/year… in four months!

To do that, we redesigned his whole business from the ground up.  He had the courage to make the necessary changes to grow and got rewarded for it.  You must be willing to make changes like this if we’re going to talk strategy together.  

Rule #3)  If I can’t help you, I’ll refer you to someone else.  I only do calls with people I know I can help.  I screen applicants so I can ‘cherry pick’ the ones who are best positioned for growth.  If I can’t help based on your application, I’ll try to refer you to someone who can.  

If those sound good, go ahead and submit your application by clicking the button below.

With Love,

PS –  A couple people emailed me and asked why I do this.  Here was my response:

1) It gives my entrepreneurial ADD a creative outlet without derailing my life.  By mentoring a couple entrepreneurs each month, I get the variety I need in life so I can stay focused on growing my business, without wanting to try and start more.  

2)  It gives me new material and ideas for writing, podcasts and my own business.  By being intimately involved with companies how they grow, it gives me incredible content ideas for my writing and podcast.  (And occasionally ideas for my company.) 

3)  I love doing this.  I believe every entrepreneur should follow the things they love doing.  I love building businesses.  And I love helping entrepreneurs grow.  Period.  


About Andy Drish

Andy Drish is a serial entrepreneur, writer and adventurer that helps entrepreneurs accessmore power and freedomin their lives.

He's built a multi-million dollar company from scratch and has shared the stage with business mavens like Tony Hsieh, Jack Canfield, Arianna Huffington and more but he's never lost touch with his roots in Iowa and still loves sitting around a bonfire with close friends.

Oh, and he loves dark chocolate and dance parties.


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